Dave’s Shirts

31 08 2012

Since today is my brother’s birthday, it seem only fitting that I showcase and document a quilt I made specifically for him.

When I saw a listing for Mary Mashuta’s Tourist Shirt class in the Cotton Patch schedule, I knew immediately that I would make this quilt for brother Dave.  I had made Hawaiian shirts for him for a while, and Mary’s original design looked just like those shirts.  (FYI:  Mary’s shirt pattern is featured in her book Stripes in Quilts.)  In addition, I still had some of the leftover scraps, of course.  How cool would it be, I thought, to make a shirt quilt out of some of his shirt fabrics.  Turns out, it was kinda cool, but it was gifted before I got professional photos of it, so these photos are those taken when the quilt was displayed at the EBHQ Voices in Cloth 2002 quilt show.

Is That What You”re Going to Wear? 2001
70″ x 80″

Is That What You’re Going to Wear?

Dave, wearing some of his shirts

Happy Birthday, Davey!!




2 responses

31 08 2012
Deanna Davis

But Susan…all the pockets and collars and sleeves on Dave’s shirts match!
L, Deanna

31 08 2012

How fun to see these again!

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