Four Patches—–More 2-inch squares

13 08 2012

Now let’s look at the wonderful world of four-patches. This was founding-mother-quilter Mary Ellen Hopkins first suggestion when I caught this square patch bug:   when  you have piles and piles or, in my case, boxes and boxes of these 2-inch squares, start sewing them together and see what happens after you have piles and piles of four-patches.

The first of this series of quilts was made when I was working toward meeting my personal commitment to make graduation quilts for all six girls in my then high school daughter’s community service group (see other,  previous posts).  I made Fun Fours, intending it for one of the girls, and quickly realized that I could not give it away just yet, since it sang to me so much (sorry, graduates;  this one’s for me).

Fun Fours, 2004
72″ x 84″
Photography by Sibila Savage

So, of course, I turned right around and made two more quilts, from other stacks/boxes of squares.  Lavender Garden II was created for Christina Oraftik and  Hydrangeas was perfect for group leader Denise Grote.

Lavender Garden II, 2004
65″ x 80″
Photography by Sibila Savage

Hydrangeas, 2006
57″ x 72″
Photography by Sibila Savage

All three quilts are the exact same pattern, and all look quite different.  The streak o’ lightning sashing is so much fun and creates lots of opportunities to use up other small pieces that are leftover from other projects.  I don’t remember buying much fabric for these quilts, except perhaps for the borders and backs.

Also, I do not have detail photos of these quilts, but if you click on them, you can see the detail, sometimes a good thing, sometimes not.  Oh, well . . .




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14 08 2012

Love to see how different the same pattern looks by using different colors to make totally unique pieces!

30 11 2012
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