Hooked on Squares

10 08 2012

Remember all those drawers of fabrics from the last post a thousand years ago?? Time to show the vast array of quilts that have come out of that stash over the years.

THE FIRST is a very recent one, which started out to be a repeat of the Lithgow quilt.  Here it is in the preliminary stages on the wall in my studio.

“Lithgow II” in progress

I decided I wanted to mix things up, and have a rectangular quilt, so here is the finished top.

Finished top

I love to make these quilts that have thousands of colors and prints, and then I find that I have created a mess for myself when figuring out which color quilting thread to use.  On busy quilts like this, multi thread makes things look even more chaotic.  Don’t know how this one will turn out yet.

THE SECOND is also relatively recent, and is a pattern that I use over and over when I just want to sew without a lot of complicated planning.  It is also the design I choose when I fall in love with a fabric that I know will make a wonderful border, and the quilt is built from the outside in.

Confetti Squares, 2011
66″ x 73″
Photography by Sibilia Savage

Same design, now for Christmas.

Christmas Medley I, 2009
63″ x 72″

And a huge one–so simple and so much fun.

Dots Diagonal II, 2009
75″ x 89″
Photography by Sibila Savage

Dots Diagonal II (detail), 2009
Photography by Sibila Savage




2 responses

10 08 2012
Kathleen Clancy

Hey Susan,
These are great fun! Glad to see you posting your work.

11 08 2012

Susan, you continue to inspire and amaze me. I love your latest “all square” quilt that’s still in progress. Can’t wait to see the finished product. See you on the 26th. Pepper

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