Me and John Lithgow

27 06 2011

John Lithgow with his quilt, 2011

I proclaim myself

Quiltmaker to the stars

Or, perhaps more accurately, to the star . . .

I was very pleased to get the opportunity to gift one of my quilts to one of my favorite actors, so I took it.  My wonderful sister-in-law Wendy worked with John Lithgow on the upcoming sci-fi-action drama The Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and she did me the favor of delivering one of my creations to this marvelous actor.  I thought this was only a fair trade, since Mr. Lithgow has given me so many of his creations, including my two favorites, Dr. Dick Solomon and Arthur Mitchell, the Trinity Killer.  Yes, I’m a huge fan.

I chose this quilt for John because of its intricate pattern and its nature colors.  He appears to be pleased by the choice.  This quilt is one in a series of what seems like thousands of quilts.

Trip Around the World, 2008

(Unfortunate photography by Susan Dague)

There is a history for this quilt, of course:

Way back in 1998, trail-blazing quilter extraordinaire Mary Ellen Hopkins lectured at my guild (EBHQ), and, just as an aside, said the following magic words:  “Clean up your fabric stash—cut all your small scraps into 2 ½ inch squares and give yourself permission to throw away anything smaller.”  I started doing this with my small scraps, and I have never stopped.   Eventually I ended up with fabric drawers  like these:

Drawer One

Drawer Two

And I use these squares in exactly the way that Mary Ellen had suggested.  Whenever I feel like I just want to sew, I pull out a pile of these squares and make them into four-patches.  Sometimes I just make a small quilt out of colors that I love or try to find an interesting pattern for the scraps I happen to have on hand (the technique used for the Lithgow Quilt).

In upcoming posts I will display some more of these quilt, a few or a lot . . . I’ve not yet decided.  But there is a warning:  If you try this technique for dealing with your fabric, you may become as addicted as I am.  No problem.  The world is full of people who deserve quilts.

Trip Around the World, Detail




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