Alice’s Tropical Paradise

26 04 2011

I love to solve puzzles, and this quilt is the result of one of those challenges.

Tropical Paradise, 2005           64″ x 78″              Photography by Sibila Savage

I found a large bundle of fabrics with similar prints and many different colorways.  When the six young quilters were sewing quilts for the Children’s Quilt Project, Alice had chosen some wonderful green Hawaiian print fabric for her project, so when these Hawaiian-style fabrics showed up, I hoped that these would be the perfect fabrics for Alice’s graduation quilt.

Cutting these great fabrics into simple squares seemed most prudent, and then the fun of the layout began.  Since these fabrics all looked like each other, I was concerned that the quilt would be boring if I used only these fabrics.  On the other hand, because they all looked like each other, anything that I put next to them stood out like a sore thumb – – – a classic dilemma.

So what do I do for inner and outer borders?    The solution came when I started playing with these fabrics on the design wall:  the value differences in the prints showed up as light and dark when they were grouped together, and a “natural” border was created by the fabric placement.  In addition, I had exactly enough squares to complete this quilt as you see it.

Puzzle solved ! ! !

photography by Sibila Savage




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