Christina’s Four Square

1 04 2011

Four Square, 2005                          Photography by Sibila Savage

Using a Judy Hooworth quilt as inspiration (Razzle Dazzle Quilts is wonderful reading for me!!), I took on the challenge of combining these dull solids with bright prints.  For me, this was truly a challenge.  Creating the blocks took me outside my usual comfort zone, and finding sashing and posts for the blocks proved to be the most challenging of all.  I auditioned so many different fabrics for this quilt that I ended up making two small quilts from all the unused leftovers for the main quilt.

Later, at a quilt show I was fortunate enough to present, Christina and her parents admired many of my quilts.  I casually asked Christina if there were any quilts that were her favorites.  When she chose this quilt, she did not know that she was actually choosing the quilt that she would receive as a gift two years later.  I hope it still appeals to her as much as it does to me.

The first was made from the leftover solid blocks.

Amish Squares, 2004              38.5″ x 45″ 

And the second was the wide variety of fabrics that did not make the fit as posts for the sashing.   I had originally thought that the posts for Four Square needed to be bright, but the final posts were a dull print, thereby allowing all the blocks to shine by themselves.  The leftovers made this quilt.


Hanging onto the scraps from finished projects has often been a problem for me.  I work with them until I can no longer stand to look at them.  Some artists might see  this as “working in a series”;  for me, it’s just puzzle-solving.




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