Christmas for More Kitties

15 03 2011

Having seen the Christmas stockings I made last year for Raja and Mrs Potts (posted previously in “A bit of Christmas”), Bozo, Lucy and Wally were heard to mew, “What about stockings for us!?!?”  I didn’t actually hear the mew, but it was passed on to me by my brother Dave.

Bozo stocking

Lucy stocking

There is only one challenge in coming up with numerous cat gear: finding cat-related fabric that is tolerable, with the additional condition that it needs also to have a Christmas theme.  E-bay was the mother lode, as well as the generosity of fellow quilters.

Wally stocking

These stocking turned out to be soooo much fun to make, since I could do anything I wanted.  And I didn’t stop at the ones for the cats.  I continued on with tropical themes for Dave and Wendy, too.

Wendy stocking

Dave stocking

Try doing something so fun and whimsical.  It’s a blast!!

Comment about the lettering—-Since I have been asked numerous times, I confess I do not have a special attachment to my machine to make the lettering for the names.  It is done the old fashioned way–by hand.  Find wonderful free fonts online, print out a name, and transfer to the right side of the fabric using a light box.  One must be dedicated when cats are involved.

Wally and Christmas goodies




5 responses

15 03 2011

Those are the cutest kitty stockings! I love seeing all their pictures. And your embroidery stitches are exquisite as usual.
L, D

15 03 2011

Our kitties loooove their new stockings although Bozo & Lucy’s noses are out of joint that they didn’t make the blog! It was so funny on christmas day to watch them all head to their stockings and somehow they actually went to the correct one. Super smart kitties! The tropical stockings for the adults were a huge hit! Thanks Susan!!

15 03 2011

Stay tuned !!! More Bozo and Lucy pics coming soon;;;I promise.

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