Alex’s 100 Pyramids-The beginning of a series

6 03 2011

100 Pyramids, 2004

Adding a bit more background detail to previous description , and giving Alex her place in this ancient history. . .

When I knew that I had the 2007 graduation day as a deadline to finish six quilts, I decided to keep the quilts as simple as possible, and yet show off beautiful fabric. something that was always important to the young girls as they sewed.  Personally and artistically it was quite daunting and yet liberating to have challenged myself to produce, and the liberating part was the voice inside that said, “Drop all your preconceived notions about everything having to be so special, and start sewing quilts now!”
I came up with great ideas for quilts, and, unfortunately, I loved a few of the creations so much that I could not yet give them away, thus adding more to the work load. This period turned out to be one of my most productive, for which I am most grateful.
Making the whole top for this quilt in one weekend retreat at Asilomar in July, 2004, I quickly learned that the quilt went together quite easily when I figured out a few tricks, and I also learned that I absolutely loved the triangles.  I briefly considered making a triangle quilt for each of the girls using different fabric families, but dismissed that idea as boring.  I wanted each girl to have something special.

I named this quilt 100 Pyramids, as an homage to the traditional quilt pattern 1000 Pyramids, a quilt made from (perhaps) thousands of much smaller equilateral triangles, a quilt I knew I would never make.

Marking and quilting these triangles in flowing curves was the final complement to the overall pattern.

This one quilt was just the beginning in a long series of Pyramid quilts I have made over the years, both for myself, for sale, as gifts, and as samples for the classes I once taught.  Other quilts are documented in prior entries to this blog, and more are coming soon.

photography by Sibila Savage




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