Christmas “Dot to Dot”

5 03 2011

It’s not all ancient history

Christmas Medley II, 2010

The block I used for Maggie’s quilt was so much fun that I used it again when I wanted to make a new Christmas quilt for 2010.  I had gifted two Christmas quilts the previous year, so it was time to make two new ones.

I pulled out the wonderful stash of Christmas fabrics (and, no, I don’t know why these fabrics are so attractive to me, just like the Halloween fabrics;  I remain clueless and addicted) and started making the blocks.  Again, they almost made themselves.  Lots of fun.

The unforeseen bonus was seeing all the blocks up on the design wall next to each other, now looking like rows and rows of Christmas gifts.  Score!!!

Great borders were the finishing touch.  Both the Christmas quilts from 2010 have blue borders, and I think this is a very pleasing look.  Looked great up on the wall during the holidays.

Quilting detail:

Detail, Christmas Medley II

Photography by Sibila Savage

Make this quilt;  you will have soooooo much fun.




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