Maggie’s Graduation Quilt-June 2007

4 03 2011

Dot to Dot, 2006

. . . . as promised a fair bit ago . . . .

The History of Maggie’s Graduation Quilt

When my daughter Maggie and her friend Danielle were sewing together as pre-teens, they decided that someday they would make a quilt entirely out of dotty fabrics in bright colors. This was the origin of the idea for Maggie’s graduation quilt, because  I wanted to surprise her, but she hates surprises.  So I asked permission to make the dots quilt she and Dannie had never gotten around to.  With a general permission granted, I could now surprise Maggie with the actual quilt, and still know that my project was a safe “surprise” for her.

This quilt was so much fun to make;  the more blocks I made the more blocks I wanted to make.  With such a simple block design, the colors of the wonderful dots began to take over.  Holding all these patterns together into the same quilt took a very strong border, and the royal blue used in the border is the only piece of fabric I bought in Paris on a family trip in 2004.

Dot to Dot, quilting detail

And eight more quilt stories to go.




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22 08 2014
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[…] A second quilt featured in this book is Dot to Dot, made for my daughter’s high school graduation.  It features only dotty fabrics and was a joy to work on.    Read its full story here. […]

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