The Last of the Halloween-maybe

24 10 2009

Thought I would make one last dump of photos, just to keep you in the Halloween mood.  Seems I am one photo shy of the full 33 count, but I’m not taking the time to try to find the missing quilt. Al of the quilts that were not given away in the initial batch are on their way to new homes, reaching them before the 31st, I hope.

pic 15_0132pic 16_0134pic 17_0501pic 18_0009pic 19_0503pic 20_0094pic 21_0603_1pic 22_0653pic 23_0657pic 24_0682pic 25_0655pic 26_0659pic 27_0703pic 28_0702pic 29_0701pic 30_0502pic 31_0008pic 32_0095

Am now in the process of developing a new pattern for kits for the Children’s Quilt Project.  Many members of EBHQ have indicated that they would like some variety, and after making so many of these usual quilt pattern (most of the ones shown in these photos above), I can understand how it might be time for something completely different.

Anyone have any idea to suggest?




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