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22 10 2009

Character pincushions

pincushion girl picI started collecting these wonderful cuties when I was given my first one as a gift by my brother Dave and sister-in-law Wendy more that 15 years ago.  There are rules to the collection:  the pincushions are ceramic, fun, and include a retractable measuring tape.  Often called “sewing caddies”, they may also have a slot for a small pair of scissors, a peg for a thimble, or a small dowel for a spool of thread.

I love that these relics represent a time when every woman mended clothing by hand and needed ready access to sewing tools.  And I think this particular girl looks like me, so I’m taking this as my blog avatar.

Here are just a few more.





3 responses

24 10 2009

Looks just like you! What a great collection…

13 04 2016
Be ky

Would live to know the maker of the one in the green dress.

15 04 2016

Be ky
No maker sticker on this little gem, and original price tag had been removed.
Only a very, very faint FALL stamped into the base of the piece before firing.
Don’t know if this helps. That’s all the info I have.

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