It’s Still October-Still More Halloween Quilts

20 10 2009

Five new ones;  just can’t stop making them.  This brings the total to 33.   I’m still amazed that working on these donation quilts helps keep me working on my personal projects that may have been stalled for various reasons.  And I’m equally pleased that I can still stomach the color orange.  Perhaps this, too, is a major part of the lesson of my Halloween quilt exercises:  orange, in all its shades, hues, and intensities, is a wonderfully versatile color.

pic 10_0763pic 11_0761

pic 12_0759pic 13_0757

pic 14_0754

I have already been asked whether I will switch to Christmas fabric and make an equal number of quilts.  I admit to having an unnatural fixation on Christmas fabric as well, but after the Halloween series, I’m currently trying to take a break from obsession.




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