Recent Photo Session-Part 2-100 Pyramids

12 10 2009

Japanese Pyramids II, 2008
47″ x 55″
Photography by Sibila Savage

This quilt is the most recent in a larger series of 100 Pyramids quilts.  I have made  a lot of these quilts (don’t make me start counting stuff right now), and each one offers the opportunity to show off wonderful fabrics, especially the large-scale ones.  As each triangle finds it’s place, additional patterns begin to develop on the quilt’s surface.

The History:

I began the series in 2004 at a retreat at Asilomar.  I wanted to develop a pattern for a quilt that would showcase my pile of Japanese yukata fabrics that I had collected over the years, mainly from Kasuri Dyeworks, when they had a retail store here in Berkeley.  I also wanted to use the works of friend and New York artist Hitoshi Nakazato as an inspiration.  Some of my favorite works of his were prints and paintings that included large geometric shapes playing in open spaces.  So I drafted my large triangle (equilateral, with a base of  7-1/2 inches) and started playing.

The first in the series looked like this, and was gifted as a graduation quilt in 2007 to a member of my daughter’s community service group.

100 Pyramids, 2004
71″ x 85″
Photography by Sibila Savage

100 Pyramids II-photography by S. Dague

100 Pyramids II-photography by S. Dague

And then there came the next Pyramid variation for Blythe Vaccaro when she graduated UC Santa Cruz.  By now, I have begun to love this pattern and the great fabrics one can use for it.

It was time to make this into a class that I taught at New Pieces in Berkeley.   And the display quilt for the shop was one made with smaller triangles, which turned out to be quite fun, too.100 Little Pyramids-photography by Sibila Savage100 Little Pyramids-photography by Sibila Savage

Now it was time for beginning the daunting task of actually cutting the Japanese fabrics.  I LOVE the finished quilt.  It was one of those projects that seemed to make itself.  Cut fabric to laid out design took less than a day.

Japanese Pyramids-photography by Sibila Savage, collection of Mary Katherine Hildebrand

Japanese Pyramids I-photography by Sibila Savage, collection of Mary Katherine Hildebrand

And the quilting was just as much fun, accenting the simplicity of the triangles and adding some nice lines:

Japanese Pyramids-detail-photography by Sibila Savage

Japanese Pyramids I-detail-photography by Sibila Savage

I’m sure there will be more of these in the future.

When you make yours, let me know and I will post pics here.




6 responses

13 10 2009

Absolutely awesome post!

19 10 2009

Love the blog!!!! It’s really interesting to follow the thought process of how these amazing quilts are put together!

23 10 2009

I think I’ve got a weak back…….

24 10 2009

When did you get it??

10 06 2010
Jan Krentz

Hi Susan! Love your series of Thousand Pyramids quilts! Would you contact me at my e-mail address? Sincerely, Jan

26 08 2016
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